Citywide Networks of Protected Bikeways
Most cities provide a good choice of practical transportation modes but still squander massive amounts of valuable public space and other resources to subsidize street parking and traffic jams.

Preventing this congestion can save more in injuries, lives, land, time, energy, pollution, stress, health, violence, crime, money and other costs than any other improvement in our communities. 

With comprehensive planning and today's technology, safe and separate bikeways can replace most public subsidies of urban traffic congestion.  This can be accomplished within several years and with minimal capital. 

When most city streets transform one parking lane to safe and separate bikeways, two or more lanes remain for loading and flowing yet calm operation of a balanced variety of quiet and efficient motor taxis, limos, shuttles, buses, cargo trucks and emergency vehicles, all of which can be powered with clean, abundant and domestically produced renewable energy. 

After safe and separate bikeways are created throughout the city, more parking lanes can be liberated for beautiful greenways, public street gardens, open cafes and other good purposes.

People who still choose to own cars can park them in private facilities.  Most will select better modes of transportation.

Replacing street parking with safe and separate bikeways provides an excellent choice of rapid mobility: 1) Walk, 2) Bike, 3) Taxi, 4) Limo, 5) Shuttle, 6) Bus, 7) Truck, 8) Train.  Who needs traffic jams?

When street parking is replaced with safe and separate bikeways, most urban traffic congestion can be eliminated.  Quality of life for all is tremendously improved.  Mobility, security, health, social cohesion, environmental conservation, public and private life, education, historical preservation, tourism, government functionality, business success and property values are all enhanced.  Everyone can enjoy the comfort and practicality of automobiles without the excessive costs. 

Why don't we have safe and separate bikeways?  Do city governments depend on revenue from street parking violations?  When this is replaced with income from a modest Location Value Tax, everyone reaps enormous benefits.

In one city alone, safe and separate bikeways can save thousands of lives and billions of dollars every year.  Worldwide, safe and separate bikeways can annually save millions of lives and trillions of dollars.  Sharing this wealth might even prevent most poverty, homelessness, debt, illness, crime, instability, war and pollution.